How Often to Run Robotic Pool Cleaner

Have you invested in it but are clueless about how often to run robotic pool cleaner? Believe me, it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Having friends with different opinions about its usage added to my confusion.

This situation led me to research, so I finally found the answer. Initially, you should run the cleaner every day or at least once a day if your pool is in regular use to ensure the water remains sparkling clean.

During periods of less pool usage, you can decrease the frequency to once weekly or every two weeks. However, running the cleaner once or twice a month will also be adequate during the off-season when the pool isn’t in use.

Remember: The key to a healthy pool is consistent maintenance.

Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners

An automatic pool cleaner is the best investment for a swimming pool. They are different from each other regarding their functionality because the swimming pool is different according to its cleaning requirements.

Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Some pool cleaners are better than others, and all have common benefits, like saving time and energy to keep the pool fresh and clean. First, you need to know the two basic types of automatic pool cleaners. They are:

1. Pressure Pool Cleaners (Booster Pump Type Cleaners)

Automatic pool cleaners are either suction-side cleaners or pressure-side cleaners; both use swimming pool filtration systems as a means of power and work by attaching to the pressure side of the pool system.

2. Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are used to clean above-ground and in-ground pools. They are electrically powered and operate independently from the swimming pool filtration system. They can clean your pool completely within three hours, proving 100 percent worth the investment.

Want to know some basics of robotic pool cleaners? Check this out:

When Should I Use My Robotic Pool Cleaner?

There isn’t a fixed answer to when you should use your robotic pool cleaner because every robotic cleaner has different functions and working patterns.

Some need more time than others, depending on a number of factors like the pool size, usage, and debris it collects. But here are some suggestions to give you a quick idea of when you should run your robotic pool cleaner.

➱ Daily

If it’s summer and you are swimming in your pool daily, you need to clean it daily or at least once daily with a robotic pool cleaner. It will prevent algae growth and keep your pool almost free of debris.

➱ Weekly

Running the robotic pool cleaner is needed once weekly or every two weeks if you don’t use it as much. You swim in it on and off. It will prevent your pool from algae growth and remove dust and dirt.


If it’s winter and you are using swimming pool cover all the time and don’t swim in often, cleaning once a month is fine for good measures and will effectively remove the dirt and dust from your pool.

Some other factors also that influence how often to run robotic pool cleaner. They include:

  • Many trees nearby result in leaves constantly falling into the pool.
  • Dusty and dry surrounding area needs the pool to be cleaned often.
  • Having wildlife such as ducks make a big mess and requires regular cleaning.
  • A large number of pool chemicals cause green algae blooms.

Watch the video on how to use your robotic pool cleaner:

Can You Leave Your Robotic Pool Cleaner in The Pool?

It is not a good idea to leave the cleaner in a pool 24/7. However, it is safe to leave a robotic cleaner in a pool when not in use but not for an extended period because it affects its working life.

1. Battery Damage

It can cause battery damage, power line faults, and clogging. Water can’t seam through the battery socket, but leaving the cleaner in the pool can break the bonds and damage the battery.

2. Line Faults

The open wires on the ground can be unsafe from water splashing out of the pool or during the rainy season.

3. Burning Out of The Motor

The debris will affect their functioning if you don’t clean the filters. It will result in extra burden, and the burning out of the motor can also occur due to long usage.

How Long Can You Leave a Robotic Pool Cleaner in A Pool?

Robotic pool cleaners are designed to leave in a pool for a long, but most manufacturers recommend not leaving them permanently.

It is better to leave them in a pool for one night if it is a big pool, but in the case of an average-sized pool, you can leave them inside for three to four hours to clean.

If a robotic cleaner has a built-in automatic timer function feature, you can leave it in the pool unless the timer stops.

✍ Pro Tip: Take the cleaner out of the pool when not in use to increase its working life.

Tips For Better Cleaning
When the cleaning cycle is finished, remove the robotic cleaner from the pool. Cleaning the filter and storing it away from direct sunlight will extend its working life.
Dust, dirt, and tiny insects are what filters collect after a run. You need to remove the unit from the pool, pull the basket and remove the filters for cleaning. Rinse the unit and cord.

FAQs: How Often to Run Robotic Pool Cleaner?

It depends on how frequently you use the pool. In summer, it needs to be cleaned daily; in winter, it may be needed once a month. Regular maintenance once a week will be enough for you, but if you are a pool owner and your pool is heavily used, you should run it more frequently to maintain its cleaning.

Six hours per day is a recommended time. You should start the running time as 24 hours per day and then reduce 2 hours every 2 days. On a one water valve system, run it 4 hours a day. On a system with two or more valves, run 5 or 6 hours daily.


As a pool owner, I know how challenging maintaining a clean and healthy pool is. Investing in a robotic pool cleaner proved to be a game-changer for me. However, it’s essential to understand how often to run the robotic pool cleaner to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

Running the robotic pool cleaner once daily during the summer months will be enough; even with a lot of use when the pool is used less frequently in the winter, running the cleaner once every two weeks or even monthly is sufficient.

It’s also important to note that leaving the robotic pool cleaner in the pool permanently can cause damage to its battery, line faults, and clogging, so remove it after each use. It will increase its working life and ensure it remains in good condition for years.

Understanding how often to run robotic pool cleaner is essential for pool owners wanting to save time and energy while keeping their pools clean and healthy. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your robotic pool cleaner remains in excellent condition and performs at its best. Visit for more experienced guide.