Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Vinyl Floor
Our Pick1
Dolphin Nautilus-CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

➱ It is simple to carry and handle because of the creative design.
➱ Top-loading filters make them simple to clean.
➱ The unique swivel cable minimizes tangling.

Dolphin Proteus-DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

➱ Easily suited to all sorts of pools.
➱ A well-designed app offers a great user experience.
➱ Outstanding waterline capability.

Polaris P965iQ-Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

➱ Outstanding mobility reduces downtime.
➱ The innovative mechanism for quick lift clearance.
➱ Outstanding at hovering up leaves.

As someone who loves spending time outdoors and taking a dip in the pool, I understand how important it is to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. Let’s be honest; cleaning a pool is no easy task, and it can be downright overwhelming with an in-ground vinyl pool.

That’s where robotic pool cleaners come in handy. Not only do they save you time and effort, but they also do an excellent job of keeping your pool sparkling clean. The sheer number of robotic pool cleaners can make it tough to pick the perfect one for your vinyl in-ground pool.

In this article, I will share the best robotic pool cleaner options for in-ground vinyl pools, so you can make an informed decision and enjoy your pool all summer.

Shortlisted Robotic Pool Cleaner For In-Ground Vinyl Pools

  1. Dolphin Nautilus-CC Supreme Pool Cleaner
  2. Dolphin Proteus-DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner
  3. Polaris P965iQ-Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner
  4. Dolphin Explorer E-70 Robotic Pool Cleaner
  5. Dolphin Quantum Automatic Pool Cleaner
  6. Hayward W3RC9740CUB Shark-Vac Robotic Pool Cleaner
  7. SMOROBOT Tank X-11 Cordless Pool Cleaner

1. Dolphin Nautilus-CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus-CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

Regardless of the scale or structure of the in-ground pool, this state-of-the-art pool cleanser will clean it. This effectively moves and collects each dirt piece in a pool with the help of two powerful yet energy-effective motors and gripping tracks.

It scrubs the waterline, climbs the wall, and cleans each crevice of a pool’s surface. It is a relatively simple cleaner that automates cleanup by combining the activities of three higher-speed roller brushes, two extra-large filtration cartridges, and strong suction.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity and a remotely controlled smartphone app. Thanks to this unusual function, we can schedule cleaning periods and keep an eye on the device while it’s being used at the office.

It has three different cleaning modes, and according to the mode chosen, cleanup time ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 hrs. An unclean pool needs to be cleaned and polished for roughly three hours. A unique 60-foot anti-tangle swivel cord is used.


Dimensions: 23” L x 19.2” W x 14” H In. | Weight: 24.6 lbs | Cleaning Time: 1.5 to 3.5 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Waterline, Walls | Filter Type: Top-Loaded Filter Basket

Reasons to Buy

  • Swivel cable with anti-tangling.
  • Anything is cleaned up, from leaves to dust and algae.
  • Modular design is simple to maintain.
  • 2 large-capacity filtration cartridges.
  • Three quick-rolling brushes.

Reason to Avoid

  • Cleaning oversize trash bags can be a hardship.
  • Having to clean pool stairs is not particularly effective.

The Bottom Line

It is a capable robotic cleaner with many fantastic features that take the hassle out of pool upkeep. This can clean up any pool region. It is also a dependable pool suction made of high-quality components. 

2. Dolphin Proteus-DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Proteus-DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

The cleaner is designed to clean pools using powerful suction force, an ultra-fine filtration system, and an active scrubber that cooperates to gently clean the sidewalls and surfaces of big in-ground pools.

The DX5i is quite simple to operate from beginning to end. Removing it from storage will take no more than five minutes; add it to the pool, then spend another 5 minutes cleaning the filter system before putting it back in storage.

It is a mid-range cleaner with specific, more incredible abilities, like a connection to a phone app. A sixty-foot anti-tangle swivel cable that drives an energy-efficient motor on the cleaner is connected to the power supply.

It takes a little over two hours to disinfect an in-ground pool with a maximum length of 50 feet. We can arrange the maintenance plan using the weekly calendar and cycle picker that is included to save energy and time.


Dimensions: 22” L x 22” W x 19” H In. | Weight: 28.5 Pounds | Cleaning Time: 1 to 2 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Walls, Waterline | Filter Type: Ultra-Fine Filter Basket

Reasons to Buy

  • Pools, walls, and floors are effectively cleaned.
  • Select between 2 cleaning cycles.
  • Weekly planner with programming.
  • Simple to use with clear controls
  • Connected through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Reason to Avoid

  • Cleaning pool steps ineffectively.
  • The smartphone app is restricted.

The Bottom Line

With several clever functions for the convenience of greater pool robots, it is in the mid-to high-price category. It’s effective on all pool varieties and raises the bar for cleaning. For a sizable in-ground pool, it is a straightforward but dependable pool scrubber that cleans the waterline.

3. Polaris P965iQ-Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris P965iQ-Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

With its many excellent functions, this cleaner makes it simple to maintain the pool, thankfully free of unpleasant dirt. It has wheels rather than a track. This means that it is more capable of moving through flat and sloping terrain.

When climbing slopes, all 4 wheels will assist the robot in maintaining good posture and preventing it from falling onto its backside. This has Wi-Fi connectivity, which we can utilize to link to the smartphone as well as surface remote controllers.

We can monitor cleanup performance, view upkeep reports, and switch various cleaning modes whenever we want after installing the iAquaLink application. It comes equipped with a 70-foot anti-tangle cable to perform quick underwater maneuvers without tangling the cord over itself.

The dirty-canister indication constantly alerts us whenever the bot is overflowing with the debris it has collected. Any embedded debris on the pool’s walls and flooring is removed by the coordinated efforts of two active blades.


Dimensions: 22” L x 22” W x 22” H In. | Weight: 41 Pounds | Cleaning Time: 1.5 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Steps, Sides, Waterline, Floor

Reasons to Buy

  • Structural dependability.
  • Easy to maintain and utilize.
  • Several alternatives for programming.
  • Easy-to-use app.
  • Great cleaning results.

Reason to Avoid

  • The communication between the device and its digital parts has stopped.

The Bottom Line

It works well. This automated pool cleaner will make cleaning the pool a pleasure due to its superb maneuverability, revolutionary simple lifting separator, free caddy, and other valuable properties.

4. Dolphin Explorer E-70 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Explorer E-70 Robotic Pool Cleaner

This version has a tone of helpful attributes that make cleaning the pool simple and pleasurable. It is easy to move and store due to the sturdy caddy. Automatic cleaning routines guarantee the cleaner carries out its duties without much of our involvement.

It includes two superbly designed brushes that effectively scrape away filth, including algae and challenging stains. It can almost filter out each sort of particle because of its outstanding multi-layer filters.

Even better, a filter gauge provides us with an update on the condition of each filter layer. It won’t need to be untangled every 2 seconds to keep the water in the pool sparkling clear.

This is because its innovative swivel cable essentially avoids unpleasant entanglements. It considerably reduces the requirement to clear it because of the larger debris container it features.


Dimensions: 23.5” L x 19” W x 19” H In. | Weight: 53.9 Pounds | Cleaning Time: 1.5 to 2.5 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Waterline, Walls | Filter Type: Top-Loaded Filter Basket

Reasons to Buy

  • Removes dirt from all types of pool floors.
  • Strong suction that leads the industry.
  • Enhanced filtration with many layers.
  • Incredibly well-designed dual brushing
  • Ecologically responsible and energy efficient.

Reason to Avoid

  • Slow movement when using the app to control the device

The Bottom Line

It works well with a strong force and cutting-edge technology. It scans every inch of the pool with advanced scanning techniques. To clean alongside walls and the waterline more effectively, the multi-directional jets guarantee a firm grasp on vertical surfaces.

5. Dolphin Quantum Automatic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is an excellent wall cleaner, powered by a tread drive and featuring a water jet drive. It has several unique characteristics, most notably a powerful jet drive. The pool cleaner produces rocket-like water jets as it operates from three nozzles.

Tracks do not rotate independently and have no wireless capability. The cleaner maintains a good handle when traveling up the wall because the jets force it against the pool floor.

It can travel horizontally and vertically anywhere along the wall because of the water jets. It cleans walls more effectively than other cleaners. The jets also make it easier for Quantum to go over or around obstructions.

It employs two brushes to remove scum and debris from the pool floor. The greater RPM brush could clean the pool of the most harmful dirt. The particles are collected in an autonomous pool cleaner’s largest filter cartridges.


Dimensions: 22.3” L x 18.1” W x 13.3” H In. | Weight: 28.5 Pounds | Cleaning Time: 2 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Walls, Waterline, Floor

Reasons to Buy

  • Simple to use with a helpful carry grip.
  • A sizable filter tray to reduce overflowing.
  • Power efficiency reduces operating expenses.
  • Technology from SmartNav 2.0 for prompt and efficient cleaning.
  • The greatest vertical wall washing is accomplished with water jets.

Reason to Avoid

  • The cord does not have a swivel connector

The Bottom Line

Get the brand-new Dolphin Quantum robotic cleaner now for outstanding great qualities! It does a great job of clearing your pool of dirt and various sizes of particles, especially fine ones like algae, while scaling walls, stairs, and other obstructions.

6. Hayward W3RC9740CUB Shark-Vac Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward W3RC9740CUB Shark-Vac Robotic Pool Cleaner

The SharkVac is so proficient in its task that it will clean the pool’s flooring surface, walls, and waterline in at least 2 hours. Thanks to its cutting-edge tech, it will effortlessly go into each nook and crevice of the pool.

It operates without irrigation hoses, pumps, or hookups. Operates independently of the pool’s filtration process to reduce water use and filter rinsing. By keeping cleaners from drying out, an out-of-water detector secures the motor.

Top-access filters enable quick and straightforward cleaning and dirt clearance. Flipping the cleaner across is unnecessary to empty it; remove and rinse the two fine permeability filter pieces with a garden hose.

Whenever the pool cleaner begins to emerge from the water, a beach entry detector turns back. It is silent and quickly picks up leaves, algae, worms, beetles, and other debris. The battery pack is simple to use, and the instructions are straightforward. 


Dimensions: 24.6” L x 17.7” W x 29.9” H In. | Weight: 44.6 Pounds | Cleaning Time: 2 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Coves

Reasons to Buy

  • Quick debris removal is possible with a top-access filter.
  • When it’s done, there’s no debris on the surface.
  • It moves by brushing the ground and walls.
  • Automated direction reversal to completely suction the pool surface.
  • It is simple to find replaceable filters.

Reason to Avoid

  • Hefty to submerge in the pool.
  • It needs an additional filtration pump to work correctly.

The Bottom Line

This cleaner is simple to use and does a great job. Furthermore, it has a tone of functions that will make our pool-cleaning chores far less complicated. This quality device needs to be stored properly.

7. Smorobot Tank X-11 Cordless Pool Cleaner

Smorobot Tank X-11 Cordless Pool Cleaner

It is the ideal answer for cleaning swimming pools. The most efficient solutions are determined using sophisticated algorithms and efficient paths for cleaning the pool using intelligent path planning. Smooth-surfaced walls, in particular, can be used without difficulty.

The cleaner allows for determining the water level and employs a particular V-shaped route to clean the waterline and walls. When the cleanup is complete, it operates its automatic stop feature to assist in stopping at the closest wall so that it may be collected using a hook or hanging ring.

It has a duration of 210 minutes per charge. Several security measures make it suitable for family use, including protection against short-circuit, overheating, and overload. Thanks to the cleaner’s Wi-Fi connection, we can plan to pool deep cleaning from every location.

The 188-watt water pump and super-scrubbing brush wheels effectively scrub and clear the organic spots, and the unit then collects the leftover material, such as grass clippings, dust, grit, and algae.


Dimensions: 28.82” L x 20.67” W x 15.75” H In. | Weight: 29 Pounds | Cleaning: 3.5 hrs | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Waterline, Walls

Reasons to Buy

  • Simple to implement.
  • It effortlessly takes up larger particles with its 188 watts of energy.
  • Cleaning the filter is simple.
  • It will gather grime that we are unable to see.
  • It moves in real time based on a motion-controlled system.

Reason to Avoid

  • Recognizes when a bench is large enough and, when possible, cleans it.

The Bottom Line

It’s a high-end device that cleans the pool effectively, and we’ve never experienced any problems connecting with it. It only recently found a route out; thus, it did not remain in one spot for long. When completed, it parks near a side for more effortless pickup. 

Buying Guide

It depends on the pool type, features, and how often it is cleaned while deciding on the best robotic pool cleaner for in-ground vinyl pools. Not every function a pool robot has to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

This will make it simple to locate the best option that suits your budget by referring to this list.

➱ Kind Of Pool

Some versions can also maintain above-ground pools’ flooring during in-pool maintenance, where robots are most frequently used. Additionally, specific bots have a superior ability to enter the curved edges of pools with unusual shapes.

Therefore, when analyzing alternative pool options, it is crucial to consider the pool’s shape.

Pool Size

Verify the largest pool that the robotic cleaning system can handle. The distance that the device can stretch throughout the pool will be determined by the length of its cord. Check the cable’s length and deduct 10 feet if it isn’t specified.

With an expanding pool, the cord’s span will grow. A pool that is too small may require transferring the power source to another side.

The Pool’s Debris Builds Up

When we consider the type of trash that enters the pool, a pool maintenance robot will perform better. The environment, location, and temperature all significantly impact this. All of these elements influence the kinds of trash that wind up floating in the pool.

Elements To Take In

A very excellent cleaner has the following qualities, which set it apart from merely good ones:

Untangling Swivels

The cord is kept from being completely knotted by anti-tangle swivels. Having this is a smart idea if we won’t be present when the appliance is operating.

Brush that Scrubs Actively

Debris is more easily removed from pool surfaces with the help of equipment that has active scrubbing than with equipment that does not. Some vacuum cleaners can vacuum; therefore, all brushing must be done manually.

Weighing a Unit

We have to hoist the device out of the water, so its weight is also essential. Remember that it is bulkier due to accumulated water and material. The capacity to transport cleaners from the storage facility instead of lifting those makes wheeled caddies a genuine lifesaver.

Intelligent Scanning Technologies

Intelligent scanning devices employ cutting-edge algorithms and mapping technology to determine the most effective cleaning route. The cleaner doesn’t have to repeatedly pass over the same area, wasting time and energy, making these ideal for irregularly shaped surfaces.

Cleanup-Friendly Debris Canisters

A robot’s filtering system greatly influences cleaning effectiveness. Whether it’s a filtration device with a cloth bag or one that has filtration baskets with a high mesh screen, there are options.

Take into consideration that filter bags take longer to cure and are more difficult to clean. Contrastingly, filtration baskets or cartridges need a simple hosing down.

Qualities That Would Be Nice

An optional remote control, programmability, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capability are all excellent but aren’t necessarily required. For specialized cleaning, we can direct the robot with a remote control.

FAQs: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For In-Ground Vinyl Pools

As far as we’re concerned, the Dolphin Proteus-DX5i is the perfect cleaner for vinyl floors due to its additional capabilities that are beneficial for vinyl flooring. The cleaner’s ultra-fine filtering technology, active scrubber, and strong suction power are effectively combined with scrubbing the walls and floors of sizable in-ground pools.

We would not suggest using a cleaner on a vinyl floor, regardless of whether it specifies explicitly that it is designed for concrete pools. A concrete surface is quite abrasive compared to pools with a vinyl covering.

The hard bristles on a pavement cleaner will damage a vinyl surface. Carefully examine the cleaner’s instructions and confirm if a vinyl-lined pool is compatible.

The Bottom Line

As with any other aspect of the pool, vinyl pool coverings need to be cleaned and maintained. The correct pool cleaner safeguards the liner and prevents needless maintenance or early replacement.

Although their fragility demands greater caution when maintaining them, we may want to consider the best robotic pool cleaner for in-ground vinyl pools, which can manage their delicate cleaning while saving time and effort.

Now, all that is required is to accomplish the following: Choose the right design for the pool from our list of the best robotic pool cleaner for in-ground vinyl pools, then take a seat and unwind by the sparkling pool. For more such details guides, don’t forget to visit!