Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Leaves
Our PickBest Overall
Dimensions22.56” L x 17.95” W x 13.43” H In.23.5” L x 19” W x 19” H In.
Type of PoolIn-GroundIn-Ground
Cleaning Coverage:Floor, Walls, WaterlineFloor, Wall
Cleanup Cycle Duration2 Hours2 Hours
Filter TypeTop Loading FilterTop-loading Filter Basket
Cord Length60 Ft.50 Ft.
Weight28.4 Pounds23.9 Pounds

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Leaves

Pools are a wonderful addition to any home, but keeping them clean can be tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, the most significant challenges are removing leaves and other debris accumulating on the water’s surface and floor.

However, advancements in technology have made it possible to automate this task with the help of robotic pool cleaners. Their effectiveness and usability have helped them become more well-known in recent years.

They are designed to thoroughly navigate and clean the pool, leaving behind a sparkling and debris-free pool. But not every robot cleaner is made equal, and some are more suitable for managing leaves than others.

For the best robotic pool cleaner for leaves, there are particular features you should look for. These include a powerful suction system, a large debris canister, and the ability to climb walls and stairs.

Considering these features, we conducted thorough research and testing of several robotic pool cleaners to present our ultimate recommendation for the most efficient robotic pool cleaner for removing leaves.

Here are our shortlisted Pool Cleaners:

  1. Dolphin Quantum Automated Robot Pool Cleaner
  2. DOLPHIN Explorer E-20 Robot Pool Cleaner
  3. Paxcess Cordless Robotic Cleaner
  4. Dolphin Nautilus-CC Plus Robot Cleaner
  5. Polaris (9650iQ) Sports Robotic Cleaner
  6. Dolphin Triton-PS Robotic Cleaner
  7. Aqua Products (Evo502) Robotic Cleaner

1. Dolphin Quantum Automated Robot Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum Automated Robot Pool Cleaner

It has a clever navigation system, a powerful motor, and hyper brushes to remove leaves, dirt, and debris from the pool’s surface.

It is a top-tier cleaner made to offer excellent maintenance for sizable in-ground pools. With two hyper brushes, it hits the pool’s floor with intensity to remove stubborn and difficult-to-remove grime.

It is capable of dissolving stubborn germs, algae, and dirt and scratching them out for thorough cleaning. It has robot scanner technology called Dolphin Smart Navigation 2.0, which uses smart sensors to map and navigate the pool effectively.

Additionally, it is also equipped with the Power-Stream flexibility, which offers a firm hold on upward surfaces for mighty walls and waterline scrubbing. With its top-loading, 400-square-inch filtering basket, it collects leaves, dirt, and other tiny particles,

It provides outstanding filtration and can immaculate the pool in just two hours. Featuring an anti-tangling swivel cord, it travels smoothly across larger residential pools (a maximum of 50 ft.) for a continuous, effortless clean.


Dimensions: 22.56” L x 17.95” W x 13.43” H In. | Weight: 28.4 Pounds | Cleaning Area: Floor, Walls, Waterline | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 2 Hours | Filter Type: Top Loading Filter | Cord Length: 60 Ft.


  • A swivel method that avoids entanglement.
  • Performs an excellent job while scaling the walls.
  • User-friendly to use, maintain, and clean.
  • Has a weekly intelligent timer included.
  • Contains a powerful suction ability.


  • Long-term exposure to water can cause cracks to form.
  • Does not control apps.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is a great pool cleaner with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness that can simplify pool maintenance. Its innovative technology and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pool cleaning solution.

2. DOLPHIN Explorer E-20 Robot Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum Automated Robot Pool Cleaner

It features a top-loading filter basket, an anti-tangle swivel cable, and a two-hour cleaning cycle programmed to clean automatically at specific times.

It contains all the characteristics that make this robot cleaner an excellent choice among most pool owners, and it is well-praised for its effectiveness, programmability, and convenience of use.

Setting it up only takes a few minutes to operate this vacuum; all you have to do is connect it, place it in the pool, and let it begin. (No additional connections or boost pumps are required.) Moreover, the top-loading filter basket that makes it easy to access and clean.

It has a cleaning cycle of two hours, which is sufficient to clean most pools thoroughly. It also has a convenient scheduling feature, allowing programming it to clean the pool automatically at specific times

Say no to pool cleaning woes with its intelligent navigation system! Its advanced algorithms map out your pool and clean every nook and cranny with ease. Plus, with its powerful suction system, it effortlessly sucks up everything from leaves to sand and dirt, leaving your pool spotless and inviting.

It also features an anti-tangle swivel cable that ensures uninterrupted operation.


Dimensions: 23.5” L x 19” W x 19” H In. | Type of Pool: In-Grounds | Cleaning Area: Floors, Wall | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 2 Hours | Filter Type: Top-loading Filter Basket | Cord Length: 50 Ft. | Flow Rate: 4000 GPH


  • It has a top-loading filter basket that makes it easy to access and clean
  • A powerful suction system that can efficiently clean the pool.
  • Anti-tangle swivel cable ensures uninterrupted operation.


  • No caddy is provided.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to keep their pool clean without spending much time and effort. It is easy to operate, efficient, and reliable, making it a great addition to any home with a swimming pool.

3. Paxcess Cordless Robotic Cleaner

Paxcess Cordless Robotic Cleaner

It has a great combination of functions to provide deep cleaning for pools and is appropriate for all sorts of pools.

The cordless style of it eliminates the worry of stumbling over an excessively lengthy power wire, which makes it ideal for pool maintenance. It unites the work of strong suction power, an active floor scrubber, and a reused fine filtration to provide exceptional pool cleaning.

While a smart navigation system ensures scanning is optimized for adequate pool coverage, it is powered by an internal 5000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has an IPX8 waterproof construction, guaranteeing a one-and-a-half-hour cleanup run with effective cleaning.

The robot moves quickly while effectively cleaning and circulating the water due to its four rubber moving wheels, saving time and effort. It also includes one power switch for simple on/off control. It has a two-year warranty and is well-built.

Although it lacks the deep cleaning capability to rank as one of the top pool cleaners on the marketplace, the ease of not requiring a wire and the price make it worth considering when searching for an incredible product.


Dimensions: 17.5” L x 15.4” W x 12” H In. | Type of Pools: In/Above-Ground | Cleaning Area: Floor | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 1.5 Hours


  • Excellent cleaning results.
  • Cordless construction for tangle-free use.
  • Clean-up-friendly debris collecting tray.
  • Exceptional battery life.
  • Perfect for all pool surface.
  • Effortless and simple to use


  • Not clean the steps.
  • Around 4 to 6 hours of charging.

The Bottom Line

It is an excellent pick for the ideal inexpensive pool cleaner. Although a small device, it is compelling, practical, affordable, and produces exceptional pool cleaning results.

4. Dolphin Nautilus-CC Plus Robot Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus-CC Plus Robot Cleaner

It uses smart algorithms to clean and scrub pool surfaces, clean a 50-foot pool in just 2 hours, and comes equipped with a sizeable top-loading filter basket.

Get ready for a hassle-free and efficient pool cleaning experience! It clears the pool from end to end in about 2 hours and is suited for in-ground pools with a maximum length of 50 feet.

It effortlessly tackles grime, algae, and debris, while its smart navigation system keeps walls and floors spotless. And with its tangle-free cord, it’s always ready to dive in and get the job done.

The two filter cartridges on the highest part of the device are simple for emptying and catching both larger and smaller debris. It also took up little leaves, petals, insects, and a substantial amount of dirt.

Additionally, the cleaning process is automatically started by its built-in scheduling once a day, twice a day, or three times a day. An older-style pool had walls positioned at an angle of 90° and a slight curve between the floor and edges.

It had no trouble scaling the pool’s walls. Also, remember to take out the robot each time you use it so you can empty it, clean the filters, and dispose of any extra chemicals.


Weight: 19 Pounds | Type of Filter: Twin Cartridges | Cleaning Area: Floor, Wall | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 2 Hours | Type of Brush: Dual Scrubbing


  • Patented swivel cord that resists tangling.
  • Dual-purpose brushes.
  • Large top-loading filtering cartridges.
  • Ultra-fine and leaf filtration are provided.
  • Weekly planner with three settings.


  • The track can sometimes be removed easily.
  • Power supplies are not waterproof.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this cleaner is an excellent option for just about every pool style and is competitively priced compared to other models using the same technology. It cleans the pool quickly and thoroughly with only a simple throw. 

5. Polaris (9650iQ) Sports Robotic Cleaner

Polaris (9650iQ) Sports Robotic Cleaner

Its great scouring and filtering abilities, coupled with entirely configurable cleaning choices and Wi-Fi control, make it a brilliant at ease tool for pool upkeep.

It can clean the pool effectively due to its cutting-edge features. It has a solid 4-wheel drive and Vortex Vacuum technology, which allows it to quickly and thoroughly clean the pool’s floor, walls, and waterline.

Additionally, this technology ensures that the cleaner can easily climb over barriers like steps and ledges. It is outfitted with a cutting-edge intelligence system that makes it simple to move around the pool and avoid obstructions.

The robust vortex vacuum system removes leaves, dirt, and debris from the pool’s sides and bottom. Its built-in iAquaLink control system is another outstanding feature. This technique enables remote control of the cleaner using a Smartphone.

We can arrange cleaning cycles, check on the cleaner’s progress, stop, and even get notifications when it requires maintenance or cleaning with the help of the iAquaLink control system.


Type of Pool: In-Ground | Weight: 44.5 Pounds | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 Hours | Cleaning Area: Floor, Walls, Waterline | Cord Length: 70 Ft. | Filter Type: Cartridge | Brush Type: Dual Blade Rubber Brush


  • Not caught in pool drainage
  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • Convenient access to Wi-Fi
  • Unique surface control function.
  • Use four wheels.


  • Power cables may become twisted.
  • Having no push alerts

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient, effective, and convenient way to clean their swimming pool. Its cutting-edge technologies and ease of use make it one of the tremendous robotic cleaners on the market.

6. Dolphin Triton-PS Robotic Cleaner

Dolphin Triton-PS Robotic Cleaner

It has various cutting-edge technologies and is a faster, more effective, and lighter variant to clean the pool.

It combines both innovation and effectiveness. It has an active brushing system with a fast brush for quickly cleaning and removing even the toughest dirt and grime. The cutting-edge Power-Stream technology dramatically enhances the robot’s motion on vertical surfaces.

With advanced algorithms and smart sensors, it quickly cleans while saving energy. Plus, it continuously maps out the optimal cleaning path for your pool.

It resembles an underwater container in specific ways. But a container moves due to the opposing rotation of its tracks. It pops a wheelie to turn. Then, with its wheels elevated, it sprays water out of a jet on each side of the apparatus.

An extra-large top filtration basket system collects and locks in all dirt, debris, and leaves from the pool waters keeping it clean as new. Two separate sets of detachable filters are included.

You can choose between fine (plastic netting) and superfine (a HEPA vacuum-style pleats filter). All of the little material that accumulates on the pool floors is picked up by the fine filter, which performs its task exceptionally well.


Dimensions: 15” L x 20” W x 20” H In. | Type of Pools: In-Ground | Cleaning Area: Floor, Walls, Waterline | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 2 Hours | Filter Type: Extra Large Basket | Cord Length: 60 Ft. | Flow Rate: 4000 GPH


  • Great at cleaning pools.
  • Tangle-free software.
  • Great navigation System.
  • A sizable top-access filtering basket.
  • Simple to use; no setup is necessary.


  • A costly automated pool cleaner.
  • The speed of app control is slow.

The Bottom Line

It is a good investment, particularly when you own across 50 feet long. It might not fit your idea of a low-cost pool cleaning, yet the array of cutting-edge capabilities and quality features make up for the high price. 

7. Aqua Products (Evo502) Robotic Cleaner

Aqua Products (Evo502) Robotic Cleaner

It is a simple and effective system that automates the physical work of pool cleaning, allowing you to relax and enjoy the pool.

Make a splash with the ultimate pool cleaning experience using this pool cleaner! Designed to effortlessly clean small to medium in-ground pools a maximum of 40 feet long, this high-tech cleaning machine is a game-changer.

With a 50 ft. long cord, it glides seamlessly through your pool, leaving no leaves, dirt, or grime behind due to its advanced obstacle avoidance system and active dual traction brush. With its cutting-edge design, it is a must-have for any pool owner.

The active dirt-busting brush makes light work of even the most stubborn dirt and debris, using a unique bristle-to-bristle technology to push sludge straight into the inlet, where it’s promptly sucked away, leaving the pool looking as good as new.

Its advanced filtration system and powerful suction ensure thorough and efficient cleaning every time. The filtering system consists of an enormous top-loading wastebasket with meshing layers that effectively trap various kinds of pool detritus, leaves, and others.

Each brush is individually rotated by the tracks, and maneuvering is made simple by a rear water flow exit. And with its lightweight and portable design, you can easily maneuver it around your pool for a hassle-free cleaning experience.


Dimensions: 21.9” L x 21.9” W x 14.5” H In. | Type of Pool: In-Ground | Cleaning Area: Floor, Walls, Waterline | Cleanup Cycle Duration: 2 Hours | Filter Type: 4l EZ Clean Debris Basket | Cord Length: 50 Ft.


  • Simple with only one button Cleaning the filter basket is quite simple.
  • Effective navigational system.
  • Able to clean walls.
  • Effective navigational system.
  • A two-year guarantee.


  • Unable to clean stairs.
  • Caddy must be bought separately.

The Bottom Line

It is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to keep their pool clean and well-maintained. With cutting-edge features, ease of use, and exceptional performance, it will meet all your pool cleanup requirements and provide trouble-free service.

Which is Better Polaris or Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Both Polaris and Dolphin are reputable brands in the pool cleaner market, and both offer a range of models with varying features and capabilities. The better choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Polaris pool cleaners are known for their powerful suction and advanced navigation systems, allowing them to quickly and efficiently clean large areas. They are also designed to handle large filth, such as leaves and twigs, making them a good choice for pools in areas with lots of vegetation.

In contrast, Dolphin pool cleaners are known for their advanced cleaning capabilities and user-friendly features, such as programmable cleaning cycles, remote control, and easy-to-clean filters.

However, the Polaris cleaners are a better option in this case because it is also a little more affordable than the Dolphin’s alternative. Although, compared to the dolphin pool cleaner, the Polaris can handle significantly bigger pools.

 It also navigates with more remarkable technology. Cleanup the pools with the complimentary caddy that came with it

How to Use Robotic Pool Cleaner?

It can be a great way to save time and effort when cleaning your pool. Here are the steps you can follow to use robotics pool cleaners:

  • Prepare The Pool: Ensure your pool is clean and free of large debris like leaves or sticks. Ensure the pool water level is sufficient for the robotic cleaner to function properly.
  • Installing the Cleaner: Remove the cleaner from its packaging, then set it next to the pool. Attach the cord to a power source after unwinding it.
  • Drop the cleaner into the Pool: Slowly lower the robotic cleaner into the pool, careful not to let the cord get tangled.
  • Turn on: Turn on the cleaner using the power button or remote control, depending on the model.
  • Let it Clean: The cleaner will move around the pool, cleaning the surface and sides. Most cleaners have a timer or programmable schedule, so you can set them to run for a specific time.
  • Remove and Store: Once the cleaning cycle is complete, turn off the cleaner and remove it from the pool. Rinse the cleanser with fresh water and store it.

Buying Guide

➱Great Filtration System

The robotic leaf cleaner should include a filtration system as its primary function. The excellent leaf cleaner has strong suction and filtration to collect leaves, twigs, small stones, and other microscopic debris, including sand, silt, pollen, and filth.

Large filtration baskets with sturdy, fine-mesh construction are recommended to keep dirt in place.

Intelligent Driving and Navigation System

Pool cleaners must be capable of thoroughly cleaning the pool without losing energy or time, as their main objective is to operate as effectively as possible. Because of this, some cleaners have included clever navigational software that analyses and maps the surface when deciding the best path to clean the pool quickly.

The cleaner’s tracks or wheels must be able to handle the challenges specific to the pool, given the number of obstructions, like filter flaps and drains. Additionally, there won’t be any pointless walking, excessive cleaning, or time- or energy-wasting activities.

Cleaning Cycle

We appreciate pool cleaning robots with numerous cleaning modes. You may select the best cleaning technique whenever needed—for example, a 1-hour quick cleaning for days whenever you need the pool ready immediately.

 A 2- to 3-hour long cleaning for days when you require the pool to be thoroughly cleaned, frequently including the floors, walls, and waterline

Strong Scrubbing Technique

Another crucial element of robotic cleaners is the cleaning system, which contains the brushes. The best scrubbing tools frequently have plastic bristles that can withstand high speeds. While some robots only have one brush, some have two or three.

As long as the brushes are appropriately positioned on the robot for optimal effectiveness, the quantity doesn’t matter.

Energy-saving Motors

Pool users are conscious of the energy expenses of having a pool, which is why power-efficient motors have developed into an essential feature for pool robots. Traditional pool cleaners can use a maximum of 83% more power than pool robotics with power-efficient motors.

Non-tangling Swivel Cable

Most robotic cleaners link to an energy source using very lengthy power wires. Furthermore, as the robots travel around the pool, the long cables twirl and turn to match their movements.

It effectively prevents these cables from getting tangled and obstructing the movement of the robots due to the anti-tangle swivel mechanism. The best robots have this capability built-in, sparing you the trouble of disentangling a 50-foot line following each cleaning cycle. Consequently, you should look for this function. 

FAQs: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Leaves

To remove a Dolphin cleaner from your pool, you can follow these steps:

  • Before removing the Dolphin pool cleaner from the pool, turn off the pool pump. This will prevent any water from being circulated and make removing the cleaner easier.
  • Carefully remove the cleaner from the pool while holding onto the handle. Be sure to lift it straight up to avoid damaging the unit or tangling the cord.
  • Once you have removed the cleaner from the pool, hold it over the pool edge and let the water drain out. This will make it easier to handle and prevent any excess water from dripping into your pool or storage area.
  • After draining the water, rinse the cleaner with fresh water to eliminate debris or dirt. You can also use a soft brush or cloth to clean the surfaces of the cleaner.
  • Once the cleaner is clean and dry, please keep it away from bright light in a dry, excellent location. This will help prolong the cleaner’s life and prevent any damage from exposure to the elements.

The Final Verdict

Whether you have a large or small pool, a good cleaner can help you maintain a clean and healthy pool environment with minimal effort. Overall, investing in the best robotic pool cleaner for leaves is an excellent way to keep your pool clean and ready for use.

Also, by considering the suction power, filtration system, and capacity of the debris bag, you can narrow down the options and choose the best robotic pool cleaner for leaves that suit your needs and budget.

We recommended the Dolphin Quantum Automated and DOLPHIN Explorer E20 for cleaning leaves in the pool. These models are known for their exceptional cleaning performance and user-friendly features, making them an excellent investment.

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