How to vacuum a pool using a skimmer?

To Keep an eye on the pool chemistry, evaluate chemicals and use a  skimmer when necessary to fish out leaves, twigs, and other yard waste. But sometimes, debris and dirt are collected in a pool due to heavy rainfall and big storms.

After one of these major weather events, or even after a plague of algae, a skimmer system can clean your pool water. Pool skimmer vacuuming is a manual procedure.

Every pool owner needs to own and should know how to vacuum a pool using a skimmer for cleaning purposes. At the same time, mechanical pool cleaner provides hands-off pool cleaning.

This article contains a full in-depth guide on how to vacuum a pool using skimmer and above ground with or without a skimmer quickly and effectively.


Skim the surface of the pool using a skimmer to remove debris and then vacuum the pool with a vacuum hose and head

How to vacuum a pool using a skimmer?

Vacuuming is the part of the cleaner. Pools require vacuuming to bottom clean from debris and dirt. Here we are discussing how to vacuum a pool using a skimmer.

Everyone knows that if you have a pool, skimmers play a major role in filtration and are a major part of your pool circulation system.

A skimmer is a suction to capture waste in your pool than on the floor, whether you have dirt, flower petals, leaves, twigs, or even oil from sunscreen in your water.

If you want to clean the bottom of your pool using your pool vacuum through the skimmer, you’ll require to gather the following tools:

  1. A vacuum head
  2. A telescopic pole
  3. A vacuum hose
  4. Skimmer

Using a pool vacuum to skimmer:

Attach the vacuum head to your skimmer by:

how to use pool vacuum through skimmer

1. Attachment of skimmer:

  • Locating the skimmer at the side of your pool.
  • Removing the skimmer lid and strainer basket.

2. Connecting to hose:

  • Looping your hose carefully through the skimmer inlet and the open side of the hose submerged into the pool.
  • Connecting the open end of the hose to the skimmer’s suction port, which lies down at the bottom of the skimmer.

3. Close the valve:

  • Each skimmer in your pool has its valve, close all other valves except the valve for the skimmer you’ll be using to vacuum the pool.

4. Vacuuming process:

  • Start vacuuming at the shallow end of the pool. Step slightly to ensure you are vacuuming up all the debris at the bottom of your pool. When you notice that water becomes cloudy or debris is present too, vacuum until the floating material is removed.
  • When it has been done, detach the vacuum head from your pole and drain the water that has collected in your hose. Attach a cleaning brush to the pole and cleanse off any materials which have been collected along your pool walls.

How to vacuum an above-ground pool using skimmer?

For an aboveground pool, it is necessary to clean it. You’ll have to run the vacuum. Although vacuuming a pool can be tricky compared to balancing the water chemistry. So if you neglect your maintenance schedule, remember that debris on the bottom of a pool can lead to algae growth, and swimming in dirty, green water is not fun.

How to vacuum an above-ground pool using skimmer?

Things You Will Need

  • Skimmer
  • Vacuum hose
  • Vacuum head
  • Extension pole
  • Skimmer disk

1. Skimmer:

Remove leaves, bugs, and other surface debris from the pool using a skimmer. Check the skimmer basket and clean it out, if necessary. Turn on the pump and make sure water is running through the filter.

Pro tip: Make sure  the water level should be 1-3 inches below the skimmer mouth. This allows the skimmer basket to take in debris as you vacuum

2. Vaccum hose:

Attach the swivel end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Attach the head to the extension pole. Lower the assembly into the pool, extending the pole until the vacuum head reaches the bottom. Lock the pole into position and lean it against the poolside within easy reach of the water-return outlet.

how to use pool vacuum with skimmer

3. Vacuum head:

Hold the free end of the vacuum hose in front of the water-return outlet to fill the hose with water. Keep one hand on the pole to prevent the head from floating to the surface as air is expelled from the hose. Continue priming the hose until it is full of water and no more bubbles rise from the vacuum head.

how to use skimmer to vacuum above ground pool

4. Extension pole:

Keep the hose end submerged as you pull it away from the water-return outlet and attach the skimmer disk. Slip the skimmer disc into the skimmer on top of the suction port to initiate the vacuum. Alternatively, some vacuums require plugging the hose end directly into the suction port. If you have to pull the hose end out of the water to fit it or the skimmer disc into the suction port, do so as quickly as possible to avoid letting too much air back into the hose.

how to vacuum an above ground pool without a skimmer

5. Skimmer disk:

Stand in a position to see the pool bottom. Move the vacuum head slowly back and forth over the bottom of the pool, overlapping the previous path slightly with each new pass of the head. Keep the head underwater at all times, or the vacuum will lose its prime. Continue vacuuming until the bottom is completely clean.

how to vacuum an above ground pool without a skimmer

How To use a skimmer to Vacuum Pool?

 This comprehensive guide will show you how to use a skimmer to vacuum the pool.

1. Act as a filter:

These pool skimmers are very useful. They are for drawing the water directly from the surface and sucking it through your pool’s filtration system.

2. Depth to draw:

These skimmers can draw up to 0.125 inches of pool water from the surface into it.

3. Removing a containment:

It does so to remove all those contaminants and debris on the pool’s surface. These include the likes of hair, leaves, and sunscreen. This process is completed before everything begins to sink in and settle down at the bottom.

Pool skimmers are integral to the cleaning and maintenance of your pool. These skimmers are the gateway to the filtration system of your pool.

Pool vacuum through skimmer:

1. Attach vacuum to skimmer suction:

You still need to be ready to vacuum your pool. After assembling your vacuum head, it’s time to connect it with the skimmer suction.

2. Place the skimmer

Locate the skimmer on your pool on one of its sides. Remove the lid of the skimmer and the skimmer basket (pump strainer basket). You have to thread the house and do it carefully through that skimmer inlet.

3. Off the vacuum

Keep that open off the vacuum hose submerged all the time.

4. Vacuum hose

You have to plug that open end of the vacuum hose directly into the suction port of your skimmer. This suction port is right at the bottom of the well.

Faqs: how to vacuum a pool using a skimmer

There are many alternatives to the skimmer to work. Keep reading to learn more about how to vacuum an above ground pool without a skimmer.No skimmer. No problem. You can try a few methods to vacuum your pool without a skimmer. The best way is the siphonic method for above-ground pools. Place your hand over the top end of the vacuum hose to seal it. The pressure difference will cause suction and have the water travel from the bottom of the pool into the hose and out the other end.


Vacuuming with or without a skimmer is mandatory for cleaning purposes for the pool. Should we know alternatives when cleaning skimmer or vacuum is not present? Then what should we do? This article will be informative and give information, but various techniques have been discussed and give you alternatives.