Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner

If you own a Polaris pool cleaner and have noticed that it’s moving in circles instead of cleaning the entire pool, you might be wondering why this is happening. It is most likely caused when pool cleaners are left in the pool 24/7 in cold water.

There could be other reasons, including the plastic hose, which gets memory and curls slightly. Sometimes your Polaris 65 turns in a circle continuously rather than being randomly left or right; the reason could be the randomizer ball is not coming free from the steering port.

Here, we’ll explain in detail why your Polaris pool cleaner is going in circles, along with some foolproof techniques to fix it yourself, so stay tuned and keep reading to find more.

Pro Tip: Check if the filter bag is clean and the wheels and tires are properly aligned if your Polaris pool cleaner is going in circles.

9 Reasons Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Go In Circle

Before fixing your Polaris pool cleaner, you must know the reason your Polaris pool cleaner is going in circles. A decreased or imbalanced water pressure causes the pool cleaner to lean on one side, rotating it without moving straight.

1. Too much water flow

While a strong water flow is essential for a pool cleaner to function correctly, if it’s too much, it can cause the cleaner to lean to one side, resulting in a circular movement. This problem can occur if the pool pump is too powerful or if there’s an obstruction in the water flow.

2. Broken or Worn-Out Drive Belt

The drive belt is responsible for powering the wheels of the cleaner, and if it’s broken or worn out, it can cause the cleaner to spin in circles instead of moving forward. Check the drive belt for signs of wear and tear, and replace it if necessary.

3. Faulty Hose Connections

Another potential reason your Polaris pool cleaner is moving in circles could be faulty or damaged hose connections.

These connections are essential for delivering water to the cleaner, and if they’re not properly connected or are damaged, they can disrupt water flow and cause the cleaner to turn in circles.

4. Uneven Tire Treads or Worn-Out Wheels

Uneven Tire Treads or Worn-Out Wheels - Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Go In Circle?

Uneven tire treads or worn-out wheels can cause the cleaner to lose traction and move in circles. Over time, the wheels on your Polaris pool cleaner may become worn down or unevenly worn, which can cause them to lose grip on the pool surface.

As a result, the cleaner may spin in circles instead of moving in a straight line. Additionally, if the wheels are covered in dirt or debris, they may be unable to grip the pool surface effectively, causing the cleaner to move in circles.

5. Dirty or Clogged Filters

A dirty or clogged filter is one common cause of a Polaris pool cleaner moving in circles. The filter removes dirt, debris, and other particles from the water as it circulates through the pool.

Over time, these particles can accumulate on the filter, reducing water flow and causing the cleaner to move more slowly. As a result, the cleaner may spin in circles instead of moving in a straight line, as it’s not getting enough water flow to move efficiently.

6. Incorrectly Adjusted Return Jets

Another possible reason can be incorrectly adjusted return jets. The return jets are responsible for circulating water back into the pool, and if they’re not adjusted properly, they can disrupt the water flow and cause the cleaner to move inefficiently.

Remember: Defective electronic components, such as sensors or control boards, can cause the cleaner to malfunction and move in circles.

7. Obstacles in the Pool

If your Polaris pool cleaner is moving in circles instead of cleaning the pool properly, it’s possible that it’s stuck on an obstacle in the pool. This can include things like pool steps, ladders, or other obstructions preventing the cleaner from moving forward.

When the cleaner encounters an obstacle, it may rotate in circles as it tries to navigate around it rather than continuing on its cleaning path.

8. Damaged Power Supply or Cord

Lastly, a faulty power supply or cord can cause the Polaris pool cleaner to move in a circle. The power supply provides the cleaner with the electricity it needs to operate, while the cord connects it to the power supply.

If the cord is frayed or damaged, or the power supply is faulty, it can disrupt the cleaner’s operation and cause it to move in circles instead of cleaning the entire pool.

Points To Remember Before Installation (Polaris Pool Cleaner Instructions)

If you are wondering Why does my Polaris pool cleaner go in circle? Then you must check out these Polaris pool cleaner instructions before installing it. Ensure the pool filter is clean, and new plumbing lines should be flushed out before installation.

  • The Polaris cleaner should not be used to remove plaster dust in new pools.
  • Always disconnect the cleaner before cleaning or backwashing the pool filter.
  • After cleaning or backwashing, let the filtration system run for at least 5 minutes before reconnecting the cleaner.
  • Always remove the cleaner from the pool before chemical shock treatments, such as super oxidation or chlorination.
  • Solar heating systems, ozone generators, and other air-inducing equipment may cause airflow through the cleaner, adversely affecting cleaner balance and performance. Plumb the dedicated cleaner line upstream of these components.
  • Highly chlorinated water can cause maintenance problems. Avoid running the Polaris cleaner while chlorinating.

Polaris 280 Going in Circle

Why does my Polaris 280 go in circle? Here are some solutions to help your cleaner work normally as it should. Apply them one by one and see which works for you.

1 – Check the Wheels

Check the wheels by lifting them off the bottom. Are all the wheels turning at the same pace? It might be something gummed up inside and is causing havoc.

Polaris 280 Going in Circle - Fixing a Polaris Pool Cleaner

2 – Check the Back

Check the back, as there should be a jet there that you can maneuver around when you loosen the screws that hold it. Move the jet to point even and center, tighten the screws back up, and try it out.

3 – Rebuilding

There is a strong chance that the main issue is a broken drive belt. The way to uncover it is to carefully open it up. In this case, the turbine or belt might be old and weary, where only one wheel is being driven forward, causing it to circle.

You can get a rebuild kit on Amazon (CHECK ON AMAZON) or from a Polaris store. Polaris units need a yearly service, which is why Polaris sells rebuild kits and maintenance kits.

Polaris pool cleaners need to rebuild every 3-5 years. Your manual should have an exploded diagram. If it looks too techy, you should take it to an Authorized Polaris repair facility. Many of them will explain the process if you buy the parts.

4 – Check the Float

It could be the last solution for Polaris 280 going in a circle. Check the float on the top of the cleaner to see if it is holding water.

If it is, you should replace it and ensure it is screwed into the cleaner’s body. Next, lay the cleaner and hose straight out on the pool deck for a couple of days in the sun to heat the hose straight.

A hose curled and laid in the sun will make the cleaner run in circles. Ensure that your returns on the pool are not set too high resulting in pushing the cleaner hose around.

Pro Tip: To adjust the float on your Polaris pool cleaner, move it closer to the cleaner’s body for a deeper clean or farther away for a lighter clean

You are now fully equipped with the information about your query, “Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Go in Circle?” Still, stuck at some point? Watch this visual presentation on “How to install the Polaris pool cleaner 280?”

Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Float?

A floating pool cleaner is not doing its job. Nothing will remove the algae and debris from the bottom if it is bobbing around the water. If you are thinking about the primary reason and wondering why does my Polaris pool cleaner float?

The possibility could be that there is air somewhere in the line. The bad news is that air bubbles can enter the hose and cleaner from various points, so let us figure out why your Polaris pool cleaner floats.

1.    The Hose Connections are Loose

Pool cleaners float when the hose connections are loose. You can find replacement parts for most pool cleaners online or in a local pool store. Ensure the correct measurements match your cleaner since there are plenty of sizes.

2.    Broken Hose Sections Bring Air into the line,

According to the Hunker, one of the main reasons pool cleaners float or don’t move around is because one of the hoses is bringing air into the system. Since air is lighter than water, the pool cleaner floats.

3.    Damaged or Worn-O-rings

O-rings are found in your pumps, filter, heater, booster pump, and almost every other component on the equipment pad. They must keep the water from escaping, but if they are damaged or worn out, it will stop air from entering the system.

4.    Water Entering the Float head.

Only a handful of pool cleaners have float heads. If your Polaris or Pentair pool cleaner is floating, the floating head could be the culprit. It is designed to keep the cleaner from pressing too hard onto the ground but will tip on its side if water enters.

FAQ’s: Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Go in Circle?

Your Polaris pool cleaner may be staying in the corner due to a blockage in the water flow or a malfunction in the cleaner’s mechanics. A dirty or worn-out wheel, a broken belt, or a damaged hose could cause the cleaner to stay in one spot.

Final Words

A Polaris pool cleaner going in circles is a common issue that pool owners face. There could be several reasons for this problem. In this article, we discussed some of the most common reasons why your Polaris pool cleaner may be going in circles.

From issues with the filter to problems with the hose, we covered a range of factors that could contribute to this problem. We also provided tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Remember, a clean pool is a happy pool, and your Polaris cleaner plays a crucial role in keeping your pool in top condition. So, if you’re experiencing any issues with your cleaner, don’t hesitate to address them promptly to keep your pool looking and feeling its best. For more such informative guides, visit thepoolmania.com!