How to Siphon Water Out of a Pool

Siphoning water out of a pool can be tricky, but it can be done with the right tools and methods. There are several ways to siphon water out of a pool, including manual siphoning, a submersible pump, or a wet/dry vacuum.

Manual siphoning involves using a garden hose or a specially designed siphon pump to create vacuum pressure, while using a submersible pump requires removing the drain cap and inserting the pump.

Finally, using a wet/dry vacuum requires an adapter to connect the vacuum to the pool’s filter system. Each of these methods effectively removes water from a pool, depending on the size and type of pool.


Always use a pool pump or a garden hose with a submersible pump to siphon water out of a pool.

How To Siphon Water Out Of A Pool – 3 Finest Methods

We usually siphon the swimming pool by using a garden hose siphon pump. It’s a slow process but one of the most effective ways to drain water out of your pool. Let’s look at different approaches to siphon your water out of a pool.

Method 1: Using an Electric Pool Pump

1: Above all, put the intake pipe of the electric pump as close to the center of the pool as you can.

2: Place the pump’s outlet hose away from the swimming pool somewhere on your land. If you’re unsure about where to dump pool water, make sure to pick a low-level area.

3: Set on the pool pump. Before leaving the process unattended, check to see if the water level has dropped. Also, remember to check on it periodically to prevent faults.

4: Turn the apparatus off when the water level is too low to continue draining, usually between 6 and 12 inches deep.

Electric Pool Pump

Method 2: Using A Garden Hose Siphon Pump

Using a garden hose siphon pump is a slower method of draining water from your pool. The steps are listed below.

Pro Tip:

If using more than one hose, submerge them all at once.

1: Take the hose’s end and place it far from the pool. Pick a level area of land. It is best to leave the hose’s other end in the water. Check to see if any water begins to siphon out.

2: Check the draining procedure frequently to ensure the water level reduces and prevents floods.

3: Garden hose siphons will only partially drain pool water like an electric pump. Remove the hoses if the water is between 6 and 12 inches deep.

how to siphon a pool with a hose

Method 3: Draining Your Pool’s Remaining Water

Whether you use an electric pump or a siphon pump for draining water from the pool, you must remove the leftover water at the pool’s bottom because neither approach will completely drain the water. Follow these steps.

1: Suck the standing water with a wet vacuum.

2: Now dump the substance down the drain.

3: Remove the pool liner and flip it over anywhere on your land to get rid of extra water.

That’s it. Now you deeply understand how to siphon water out of a pool using the most effective ways. Let’s swim in crystal clear water.

FAQS: How to Siphon Water Out of a Pool?

How To Drain a Kiddie Pool with A Hose?

Begin by attaching a hose to the fixture or drain plug on the kiddie pool’s side or bottom. Ensure the hose is securely connected and the water flows freely. The pool will begin to drain once the hose is connected. Once the pool is empty, disconnect the hose and store it away for future use.

How To Siphon a Pool with A Hose?

To siphon a pool using a hose, start by placing the end of the hose into the pool and the other end into a bucket. Next, suck on the end of the hose until you create a vacuum and the water starts to flow. If it doesn’t start flowing, try using a small amount of dish soap or a few drops of vegetable oil in the hose. When finished, remove the hose from the pool and the bucket and place the end of the hose in a safe location.

How To Siphon Water with A Hose Uphill?

Attach one end to the water source to siphon water with a hose uphill. Submerge the other end of the hose in the lower-level container. Water will flow under the capillary action. If the flow stops, suck and pull the hose again. When finished, detach the hose and store it properly.


Overall, the process of siphoning water out of a pool is straightforward and can be done with a few basic supplies. We’ve shared all the possible ways “how to siphon water out of a pool.”

Notably, It is important to remember to shut off the pump before beginning the siphoning process and to pay attention to the height of the water going into and coming out of the pool. With these steps, you should easily siphon the water out of your pool. Having trouble keeping your pool in shape? Visit for detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your pool! With our helpful tips, you’ll be swimming in crystal-clear water in no time.